Meet Nicole, artist and n+s collaborator...

“The world needs art because like music, it has the power
to tell a story and inspire imagination”
Nicole Eliza


/ What drew you to n+s?
This is my first collaboration... I love the minimal design aesthetic of n+s and its refined detailing along with the quality of the yarns and fabrics. I provided the initial artwork and then let the n+s design team work their creative magic in extracting parts from the artwork that would beautifully translate and I’m so impressed with the quality and detail of the brushstrokes on the fabric.

/ What influences your art?
I love the immediate, hands on nature of the art making process. I think you can feel certain energies in artworks. Emotions can be expressed in so many ways from the choice of colours, to the variations in line work, brushstrokes and layering. When thinking about the colours for the n+s spring summer collection, I wanted the palette to be light and for the overall pieces to be energetic and playful. This was achieved through the contrast between pastel colours and darker, richer tones.

/ How does it make you feel to know that women will be wearing your art?
What we choose to wear is a form of self–expression and it makes me happy to know that my artwork might play a role in someone’s everyday life and how they want to express their personality and spirit.