Q+A with Artist, Michele Owen

An insight into collaboration, inspiration and creativity through a series of works.


/ What drew you to this collaboration?
My art captured the eye of n+s through social media on Instagram. I really enjoy seeing how art translates so beautifully into fashion while maintaining respect for artistic expression. There’s something special about wearing a unique piece that bears the imprint of an artist’s hand. I love how n+s use natural fibres and a refined simplicity of design. It’s been a fascinating process.

/ Tell us about the pieces you’ve created.
I create soft, romantic and luminous artwork. Floating layers of lyrical marks and a French inspired palette speak to sun drenched nature and the passage of time.

/ What inspires your creativity?
Nature is my constant muse and it translates into a peaceful, energetic presence in my work. My home and studio near Victoria’s Yarra Valley is an airy place of tranquility surrounded by bushland and birdlife. I’m an avid traveller and my visits to places of natural beauty and exquisite architecture, of ravishing colour and revered culture all permeate my work.

/ Why is creating art so important to you?
When I express myself through art I am the most authentic version of myself. The process of creation always feels magical. As I play with colour and light, recording emotions with marks, a painting eventually reveals itself. It’s enlivening, peaceful and wondrous. I love that I can interpret my view of the world through paint and others may connect with it.