A Scarf is BornA Scarf is BornA Scarf is BornA Scarf is BornA Scarf is BornA Scarf is Born

n+s x Melissa

An opportunity to collaborate on an in house scarf project
with photo taker Melissa took us to places of raw and rare beauty.


/ What inspired the collaboration?
Photography for me has always been about reliving the moments when I’ve seen something that I think is different and beautiful in its raw form. n+s was drawn to this idea, curious to see if we could express it through a scarf.

/ How do you capture a mood?
Lake Mountain is just past Healesville, an hour and a half drive from Melbourne and it’s a photographer’s dream. It was autumn there, all moody and misty when I took the photo of green trees lining the mountain road that became the Carter Scarf. I love capturing photos at interesting times of the day, especially that golden hour late in the afternoon when the sun’s going down.

/ What’s next for you?
Late last year on a trip to New York I took a flight over the city just so that I could
photograph the incredible landscape. Central Park was like nothing I’d ever seen, just so beautiful and the colour was insane. In the hustle and bustle of the city that never sleeps you’ve got this peaceful oasis right in the middle and far from the stress all around it. I took thousands of photos and I’m madly sifting through them to create my New York photobook... not sure how I’ll be able to choose.

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