Introducing Kirsty Davidson

A creative and passionate Melbourne based artist, whose cool and vibrant designs we instantly fell for.

QA with KD-01

What inspired your designs for this scarf collaboration?
They were designed with the intention of looking into the layers of a pond or river in spring, trying to capture movement, texture, light and colour


What drew you to collaborate with Nikel + Sole?
Nikel + Sole is a beautiful brand, creating a contemporary mood through the use of natural materials, colour and design simplicity. It was such an exciting project and a completely new thought process for me to see my artwork translate into a wearable piece


Who or what has had the most important influence in your art?
Everything natural that surrounds us. There’s so much to draw inspiration from and it’s always fun to twist it up a bit with colour and texture

QA with KD-02


What would you do, see or learn more of if you had the time?
I would travel more, take more courses and learn more about wildlife and sustainability


Do you have a life motto or words to live by?
I think when your heart is in something you just need to go for it. Be brave, be strong and keep going!



Behind the scenes at our SS17 photoshoot… stay tuned!




Get ready for rhubarb with Andy Csinger


Gloomy winter weather calls for a dose of vibrant colour. Gorgeous and super stylish blogger Andy Csinger steps out in bold rhubarb hues that are sure to add warmth to your cold weather line up

Andi Csigner Image

New winter neutrals


Throw on knits in grey marle and charcoal tones are a winter wardrobe staple. Add a touch of contrast to your go-to attire with intricate texture and softly marled yarns



Lush layers

Weekend escapes call for easy layering pieces for a casual cool mood. Think practicality and pure luxury with versatile knits that pair effortlessly with warm coats



Meet Llewellyn Skye

An insight into our collaboration and what motivates, inspires and intrigues her.

QA with LS-01

Q What attracted you to collaborate with Nikel + Sole?
A The authenticity of Nikel + Sole, it embodies all the things that I love… It is raw and earthy, simple and luxurious.


Q Tell us about the work you created for this collaboration
A I wanted to create something that spoke the same language as Nikel + Sole. I wanted it to have the feeling of understated rawness with hard and soft edges whilst keeping it energetic and loose.

Q What is important to you when creating your art?
A To be honest with myself and the painting and not to over complicate things.

Q Is there a particular place where your designs and the creative process take place?
A My favourite places to work are my studio and two kitchen tables. My studio is at the front of the house and the window overlooks the front garden. I pulled up the carpet to expose the wooden floorboards that have marks and paint splatters on them that I love and I often have bare feet when I’m in there. The tables are antique and belonged to my mum. We had so many good and hard times while sitting around them, I love them so much. Mum used to be so precious about them she panicked about every little mark, but I am the opposite. I love every mark that is made, it’s like a reminder of that moment.

QA with LS-02

Q How does it make you feel that your artwork will be worn by others?
A Super cool, I love it. I love that art can be worn every day and appreciated on different levels.

Q What are your creative outlets?
A I love to dance, it was a passion of mine growing up and whenever I get the chance to reconnect with it, I am happy inside and out. I also love hairdressing, I have been doing it since I was 15. Creating shapes and colours and balancing it with people’s faces and personalities feels just as creative as sculpture sometimes.

Q Who or what has been the most important influence in your art?
A My mum, she was my biggest fan. She believed in me and encouraged me to keep creating for as long as I can remember. One of the last things she said to me was to “make sure I keep painting” and I always will.

Mad for Merino


Made from the finest Merino wool, our Nikel + Sole AW17 knits are supremely soft.


Fall in love with timeless pieces crafted in nature’s finest. Breathable and versatile Merino that ticks all the boxes…

Mad For Merino Image


AW17 | Throw on luxury…


Lights, camera, action! Catch a glimpse of the moments and magic behind the scenes at our AW17 shoot. Music – Stay by Isabel

Rich rust hues


This month’s colour palette has us so excited for what’s to come, and we know you will be too… Think rich rust reds, decadent chocolate and soft oat tones that will add a touch of flare to your winter line up.


March Palette Image


Drawing inspiration from the warm and earthy shades of autumn, these Nikel + Sole knits are the ultimate lightweight yet cozy layers that are perfect for the unpredictable March weather. Raised stiches and intricate weaves add a whole other textural element to these easy yet luxurious pieces.

SS16 Style in Motion

Celebrating beautiful design and craftsmanship.



The SS16 collection from Nikel + Sole features refined yarn, natural fibres and soft washed leather. Our exclusive silk scarf prints are created in collaboration with local Melbourne artists.