Meet Llewellyn Skye

An insight into our collaboration and what motivates, inspires and intrigues her.

QA with LS-01

Q What attracted you to collaborate with Nikel + Sole?
A The authenticity of Nikel + Sole, it embodies all the things that I love… It is raw and earthy, simple and luxurious.


Q Tell us about the work you created for this collaboration
A I wanted to create something that spoke the same language as Nikel + Sole. I wanted it to have the feeling of understated rawness with hard and soft edges whilst keeping it energetic and loose.

Q What is important to you when creating your art?
A To be honest with myself and the painting and not to over complicate things.

Q Is there a particular place where your designs and the creative process take place?
A My favourite places to work are my studio and two kitchen tables. My studio is at the front of the house and the window overlooks the front garden. I pulled up the carpet to expose the wooden floorboards that have marks and paint splatters on them that I love and I often have bare feet when I’m in there. The tables are antique and belonged to my mum. We had so many good and hard times while sitting around them, I love them so much. Mum used to be so precious about them she panicked about every little mark, but I am the opposite. I love every mark that is made, it’s like a reminder of that moment.

QA with LS-02

Q How does it make you feel that your artwork will be worn by others?
A Super cool, I love it. I love that art can be worn every day and appreciated on different levels.

Q What are your creative outlets?
A I love to dance, it was a passion of mine growing up and whenever I get the chance to reconnect with it, I am happy inside and out. I also love hairdressing, I have been doing it since I was 15. Creating shapes and colours and balancing it with people’s faces and personalities feels just as creative as sculpture sometimes.

Q Who or what has been the most important influence in your art?
A My mum, she was my biggest fan. She believed in me and encouraged me to keep creating for as long as I can remember. One of the last things she said to me was to “make sure I keep painting” and I always will.