August 2017

The Spring Summer Edit


Our Spring Summer 17 collection is all about luxe lightweight layers of texture and tone that will become your season must haves.

Catch a glimpse behind the scenes at our stunning shoot here.
Music – Leave Your Light On by Ariela Jacobs

Introducing Kirsty Davidson

A creative and passionate Melbourne based artist, whose cool and vibrant designs we instantly fell for.

QA with KD-01

What inspired your designs for this scarf collaboration?
They were designed with the intention of looking into the layers of a pond or river in spring, trying to capture movement, texture, light and colour


What drew you to collaborate with Nikel + Sole?
Nikel + Sole is a beautiful brand, creating a contemporary mood through the use of natural materials, colour and design simplicity. It was such an exciting project and a completely new thought process for me to see my artwork translate into a wearable piece


Who or what has had the most important influence in your art?
Everything natural that surrounds us. There’s so much to draw inspiration from and it’s always fun to twist it up a bit with colour and texture

QA with KD-02


What would you do, see or learn more of if you had the time?
I would travel more, take more courses and learn more about wildlife and sustainability


Do you have a life motto or words to live by?
I think when your heart is in something you just need to go for it. Be brave, be strong and keep going!