July 2016

Q+A with Artist, Amanda Peluso

An insight into collaboration, inspiration and creativity through a series of works.

What drew you to this collaboration?
It’s an honour for me to collaborate with a Melbourne brand that supports Melbourne based artists. When I was approached to do this scarf collaboration I couldn’t wait to get started. I have followed the label for years and love the aesthetic and brand ethos. I love how n+s speak about the importance of the story behind every piece, what connects you to a certain piece and holds value to you. It’s a nice feeling to own and treasure something with this personal value.


Tell us about the pieces you created?
My pieces feature expressive and intricate line work, inspired by the movement of nature. I wanted to recreate the softness and subtleness of a breeze moving through the leaves of a tree. I used detailed line patterns to connect all the small elements and intricacies of the image together in a sort of visual pathway, just as your eye would follow a breeze sweeping through leaves.


Where do you seek your inspiration?
Without a doubt nature is my biggest inspiration, especially plant life.


How do you approach your art? What is the process?
The way I work is usually quite unplanned as I don’t like to be restricted. I start the piece with a subject in mind or even an actual object in front of me and then expand from each point as I go.


What materials or tools do you work with and why?
I have recently become a bit obsessed with ink and mostly use nib pens, with a combination of brushes. I love the element of surprise and beautiful depth you can create with layering inks, and the intense detail that can be achieved with a nib pen.


What do you enjoy most about collaborating?
Collaboration is such a wonderful process as you can experience two or more worlds colliding. You never quite know the outcome either, which is really exciting and can be quite liberating.


What’s important to you when creating your art?
Good light, good vibes and peppermint tea!


What has been the most important influence in your art?
It’s hard to pinpoint as I feel like I’m always being influenced by little things and people throughout my everyday life. However, one lecturer I had back in art school did say to me once that it’s important to really feel what I was painting or drawing. I hold onto that bit of wisdom.


Where’s your favourite place to see art?
I like wandering through the galleries in the city and exploring little design markets and pop up shops.


What do you love most about Melbourne?
The Botanical Gardens (my happy place), the abundance of creativity and the coffee!